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Project Description
A portable implementation of the RTP-MIDI network protocol.


WinRTP-MIDI is an implementation of the RTP-MIDI network protocol that helps build Windows Store Apps designed to act as controllers for various musical instruments.

The majority of software, devices and instruments supporting RTP-MIDI implement AppleMIDI (also known as CoreMIDI), Apple's own propriatery protocol layer used to negociate and manage sessions between participants in an RTP-MIDI conversation.

Likewise, WinRTP-MIDI strives to be fully compatible with AppleMIDI.
The library is currently being tested with success against Tobias Erichsen' rtpMIDI driver for Windows.


I originally planned to make WinRTP-MIDI a portable library. However, the WinRT API is vastly different from any other .Net subset, so my priority is now to make it work efficiently on Windows RT.

I have create a very basic virtual piano keyboard App (available in the source code). At this stage, I'm experiencing dropped notes but I think this is not a problem in the library but just in the way I handle events from the virtual keyboard.

During this phase, I'm assessing interest and feedback from the community and evaluating the feature set of the library.

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